Chipper Gronholm



Chipper Gronholm, Co-owner

Chipper is a Roswell native. He lives in Roswell, and works here, and has over the years dreamed of opening a small place with the refined dining experience and a relaxed casual atmosphere.

The opportunity came up on a small old building in downtown Roswell, and immediately Chipper found some local partners and totally renovated the building and built a team of hand selected people that could help make this dream a reality.

At Chippers our goal is to create an experience of local old-school dining that has a menu with some constant standbys and ever-changing new exciting meals. The goal is to make everyone who walks in our door feel like they are our family. We will promise you an experience that makes you want to return again and again. We want you to feel at home and enjoy the high level of service that makes Chippers the place where people meet.